Tilly Wils

Tilly was born in the village of Ossendrecht, Netherlands. In 1974, she began studying art at the Academy of Fine Arts in The Hague. She attended various workshops, and her preference was for painting. Tilly was drawn to abstraction early on, but she first had to learn the basics of figurative painting. Gradually, the artist freed herself from her classical education and abandoned realism for a more lyrical art. Colour became the heart of her work.
She taught for six years at the Academy of Fine Arts in Zoetermeer. She has exhibited since 1996 in several Dutch cities, Belgium and France. Her works are in public and private collections around the world (Switzerland, Germany, USA, Australia, Russia...)
Tilly now divides her time between the Netherlands and France, where she has installed her two workshops.
The artist paints on canvas with oil or mixed media. She defines her style as "lyrical abstraction". Nature and the human body are her main sources of inspiration. She admires the art of Pablo Picasso (Spanish artist, twentieth century). Music plays an important role in her creative process. Her works are the result of a lively dialogue between the arts. Tilly paints while listening to different musical styles (classical, jazz, rock...), and certain flights of sound inspire bursts of colour.
This talented colourist creates her own colours from pigments. She prefers using a knife, a piece of cloth, or even her hands to a traditional brush. Tilly sketches the pattern in charcoal before covering it with coloured material. She reveals her preparatory drawing through transparency. The work is completed once a certain harmony is achieved: Strokes, stains, and colours meet and mingle in a joyous symphony of tones.

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