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Yo was born and raised in the Paris region in a family where art and design were important. The stroke of a pen from her father fascinated her and drawing competitions were held regularly at home. Very soon she was acquainted with the human figure. Her father, passionate about the poster artists, illustrators and cartoonists of the twentieth century, transmitted this interest to her.
After law school, she worked as a lawyer for ten years while attending workshops sponsored by the city of Paris. In 2001, she left her salaried work to attend the Versailles School of Fine Arts, where she was devoted entirely to her passion: live models.
This form of expression fascinated her and allowed her to tell stories. The body is an anchor in her work. It is the singular envelope of emotions and moods. Yo combines her energy and that of her models, drawing with instinct and precision the movements and attitudes of the body. Her drawings are the traces of a meeting, a time of sharing, a moment of life. She only draws in the presence of live models, with whom she enjoys sharing these moments.
She uses different materials (ink, pencil, acrylic paint), which she applies with bamboo, pen, knife and fingers. On choosing the material, she has all the tools at her side and lets her instinct guide her. Yo marks, tracks and traces on the background what she sees and feels. She does the same for colour, which is never premeditated.
The painter Egon Schiele (twentieth century) inspires her in the expression of the body and especially of pain. Yo is influenced by the Surrealism movement (twentieth century) and the technique of collage. This form of expression allows her to construct stories which feed all of her work.
Today, Yo exhibits her drawings in France and abroad. She continues to participate and give workshops using live models.