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Zani was born in Macedonia (between Bulgaria, Albania and Greece). Her father was an architect and she grew up surrounded by artists, so it was natural for her to study at the School of Fine Arts.
She draws her inspiration from ordinary people and the experiences of everyday life (love stories, friendship, etc.). Her work is based on the relationship between private and public memories of the past and visions of the future.
Her characters are elongated, asexual silhouettes without expression. They adopt postures of compassion, peace and love expressed through the gestures of the body, the inclination of the head and the position of the limbs.
Love, relationships and communication are the main themes of Zani’s work and she is constantly experimenting with different techniques. Her works are a unique blend of acrylic mediums and unusual materials (sand, glue, paper...). These materials have become the hallmark of her art and her choice of material dictates the form of the work. Zani's paintings have a refreshing spontaneity and richness of colors and shades.
The artist pays special attention to her choice of paint and brushes. She is interested in the variety and combination of colors, materials and techniques. She scrapes, cuts and pastes to ensure direct contact with the canvas itself. These choices are used to express the theme of communication.
Her stories take place in the Garden of Eden, reminiscent of ancient times somewhere in Mesopotamia, at the origins of humanity. The love story between Adam and Eve and their exile is the culmination of her work.
Zani has quickly become a key talent in the world of contemporary art and her work is exhibited at the Embassy of Macedonia in London where she now lives.