Hongmin Zou

Hongmin Zou was born in Shanghai, China in 1947, and has always loved to paint. He quickly understood that he had an aptitude for drawing. The feeling of achievement and accomplishment he gets from his sketches encouraged him to pursue this avenue. He chose to study Fine Arts at the University of Shanghai. After graduation, he taught art while at the same time turn working as an artist. Inspired and touched by the human mind, he learned to capture the slightest emotion. He accurately reproduces the features that make the uniqueness of a face and is a master of the art of transcribing light.
His affection for humans and his technical mastery of drawing lead him to specialize in portraits. Since then, he works from both private and public commissions. In 1984 he moved to the United States. There his work was also a great success and he received many awards. The most important for him was the one awarded to him from The Artist's Magazine for his portrait of Charlotte Hope, which made the cover of the prestigious magazine. Influenced by the great classical masters known for their precision and technicality, and the Impressionists for their handling of colour, the artist developed his own style with oil painting as his favourite medium. The artist’s intuition for colour guides him through the various stages of the implementation of his paintings: he determines in advance the contents of his palette and begins with the background of the canvas before working the nuances of every detail to emphasize its importance. Hongmin’s painting acts to reveal human nature. His almost photographic accuracy tends towards an objective representation of humanity through the different fates of men and women. These sometimes historic characters’ masks fall away under the artist’s brushes to give us their own story, one that makes each an original being. To date, the expert hand of Hongmin Zou has already seized and immortalized the "personality traits" of more than five hundred people.