Régis Rigaux

Régis Rigaux fell in love with painting at a very young age. Filling his schoolbooks with sketches, he showed a lively interest in drawing very early on. Taking inspiration later on from Impressionists and notably the works of Monet, for whom the artist formed a limitless admiration, his interest in the real in painting moved little by little towards a fascination for the impressions that this produces. In an attempt to lay down all of his feelings on the canvas, Régis Rigaux materialises the proven sensations in light of a landscape by mixing material, light and colour - the three key words that define his practice.

The artist’s preferred subjects, urban or maritime landscapes are quite vast and allow him above all to realise the light by experimenting with ranges of colours. Captivated by the sea’s movements and its game of reflections, Régis Rigaux, mixing oil painting and glazing techniques, has fun with the material and the layers of paint that he lays down on the canvas with a knife. Also excited by urban architecture and its construction games, the artist experiments with the vibrations of the light reflected on a façade, the effects of shade and the transparency of the sun that glides along a wall until it disappears.

Lille, Arras, Bordeaux or Paris, but also Salamanca, Cordoba and Venice become the playing fields of an artist curious to realise the sensitive fluctuations of a world in volatile colours and to lay down on canvas these bright, shiny forms, a precious setting closing the uniqueness of his impressions.










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