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Laurence Godon Pirof

Born in the Paris region, Laurence has enjoyed drawing since childhood. A curious and creative girl, she liked to paint and mix many materials.

At the age of 16, during a visit to the Centre Beaubourg, she was awestruck by the painter Francis Picabia (twentieth century). The artist's works inspired her and triggered an artistic fervour in her. Her decision was made - she would be an artist.

At age 24, she joined the School of Fine Arts in Paris, and continued her studies in various countries in Europe until finalizing them in Mexico. Enriched by her travels, learning and career, Laurence developed her own artistic technique.

She begins with monotype (single prints that are worked on the back side), which she combines with various normally incompatible techniques. She combines monotype with watercolours, oil paint and ink ... the alchemy that occurs amazes her. She likes mixtures and cannot be satisfied with a single medium. Laurence is spontaneous, passionate and always looking for the unusual.

She has chosen to work with monotype on paper that she applies to the canvas, and then finishes with ink or acrylic.

Laurence is inspired by her experiences, scenes of everyday emotions and individuals. "The human, the essence of life, the naked" are essential to her. She paints men and women and develops clear artistic works. She adds notes of colour to the bodies that are lying or curled up on themselves.

Concerned with the transmission of knowledge, she opened her studio "Purple Papyrus" in 2007 in the Eastern Pyrenees. She teaches courses on the techniques of sculpting, painting on glass and porcelain, and using India ink.