Ode Droit

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Ode Droit has received multiple types of artistic education. She first studied Graphic Art at the Académie de la Grande Chaumière in Paris, then Stylistic Design, and finally Fine Arts in Avignon, where she principally devoted herself to sculpture under the direction of Louis Ball and Gine Peynaud (student of Antoine Bourdelle).

After many years of having demonstrated her numerous talents as a painter and sculptor in the United States – collaborating with architects and decorators -, discovering the practice of frescos in India, and participating in the restauration of Buddhist and Hindu temples across Asia, Ode returned to live in France to devote herself almost completely to painting. Today she lives in the Cévennes where she “enjoys the peace of the mountains and its inspiring radiance”.

She is an accomplished painter and has spent around a decade devoting herself exclusively to her personal expression and her preferred subject: the study of light.  Increasingly moving towards purification, her artistic practices have developed greatly thanks to the multiple techniques she uses: acrylics, ink and water-based waxes. This creative palette allows her to constantly play with the transparency of colours in order to try and extract the light from them and transpose its rays into a surrounding nature, eternally changing.

Ode takes inspiration from masters such as William Turner, Nicolas de Staël and Mark Rothko and, in doing so, tries to convey the emotion that is felt when contemplating these landscapes in her works, as well as revealing their luminous intensity that is always inconsistent and full of nuances. 

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