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Laurent Bergues

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First a fashion illustrator, then graphic artist and poster artist, Laurent devoted himself entirely to painting from 2012. He taught digital graphics techniques to children as part of lessons for classes at the Aix-Marseille academy benefiting from an artistic and cultural project as he attached great importance to passing on knowledge.

It was initially by observing the concentration and attentive gaze of the children while drawing animals that he began his bestiary. Today one of his favourite topics is animals, in particular those that live in the countryside and those that are closest to us - house pets and farm animals. The other subject matter he loves to draw is the world of boxing.

His preferred materials are acrylics, pastels, charcoal and black stone. Like many artists Laurent does not like white paper and he always begins his creations by applying a first coat onto the canvas. Then, the one colour attracting another, he very lightly paints a mark using acrylic, a little like using watercolours. The line serves to highlight the subject without making it too obvious.

His creative approach is considered similar to that of a sculptor who is beginning with a rough piece; he begins his composition by scraping the painted foundation then he paints forms in various colours that will reveal a bird, a tree, a figure. It is up to the visitor to discover the invented subject matter that is partly abstract and partly real, to look and differently imagine the animals, flowers and landscapes offered up to our gaze by Laurent.

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