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Merging music and painting, this is Eve’s credo. From the blue notes of the jazz musician to the white and black keys or the rainbow brush of the painter, she plays the partition passionately. A designer and musician, she graduated from the Royal Academy of Fine Arts of Belgium, where she acquired expertise based on the spirit of the old masters while at the same time pursuing a classical musical journey oriented on the one hand, to India and on the other, to jazz.

Her education also involved travel, including the discovery of Asia. Her sketchbook was enriched by the exploration of the art, music and daily life in India, where many elements are coloured with spirituality.

Today, jazz is her main source of inspiration, feeding her creativity in the moment. In her works, Eve captures the movement of musicians giving an impression of spontaneity and freshness where the essence of the expressions generated by playing the saxophone, flute, guitar or trumpet is captured on the fly.

In order to fix the fleeting impressions of the solo musician’s concentration on canvas, Eve uses various techniques such as watercolour, ink, pencil, charcoal and acrylic. This diversity allows her to play her own side partitions so that the different musical performances resonate with the flights of pen or brush.

Her drawings and works are her language. Notes and rests, movements and vibrations are thus rendered perceptible through shades of lines, by either monochrome or bi / trichromatic touches, by the breath of her strokes, transparencies and empty spaces.

Getting more to the point, Eve offers us, in her "musical portraits", the expression of pure gesture that emphasizes movement, the interior beatings of the painter / musician ... Like a dance, music is materialized, expressed, imaged / imagined on canvas.