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Lee Hee Young

Lee Heeyoung’s work is presented as a treasure hunt, an ensemble of cases to decipher, speech bubbles to re-contextualise, to replace. Showing themselves as a giant draughtboard, the artist’s “Cartoons Paintings” draw a game of chess of a grand nature and explore the notions of positivity and happiness.

Heavily influenced by Pop Art, comics and also Folk Painting, the artist’s painting analyses the different meanings of happiness and the different subjectivities of the work in light of this feeling. Cartoon speech bubbles, comic characters, traditional motifs or more abstract, even symbolic compositions, this matrix mixes references, quotations and eras to try and put the different ways of representing happiness into perspective.

The “Club G” series, a contraction invented by Lee Heeyoung from the word Club, which evokes a social place of exchanges and meetings and the word “good”, whose first letter the artist keeps as a capital letter, also asks the question about happiness and its conception throughout the eras and more precisely, during modernity when well-being and thriving have found virtual spaces to achieve. Through social networks, mobile phones and the internet, which allow us to speak to each other, to see each other and to exchange everywhere, are we not writing new definitions of interactivity, meeting and social exchange? Changes that force us to reconsider the experience of happiness as a moving domain or a puzzle.