Raphaëlle Penaud

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Raphaëlle has always dreamt of being an artist: singer, dancer, actress, or photographer. Eager to express herself, she naturally turned towards studying the arts and attended the School of Fine Arts. She completed her training by studying visual communication and graphic design. In the early 2000’s, she met a group of young artists in Nantes who led her to exhibit her work.
Her art comes from her love of illustration and her experience in graphic design. She draws inspiration from everything around her: skits stolen from her everyday life (a cat hunting, a sardine on the waxed tablecloth, the jolty house on the street corner…), phrases gleaned from her reading (comics, children’s books), music (Boby Lapointe, Les Frères Jacques), poetry (Queneau, Tardieu), travel (Venice, Florence, Barcelona, La Rochelle), favourite landscapes (fishing ports and huts, charming houses).
Initially experiencing a sort of creative bulimia, Raphaëlle puts down the image that she has in mind using oil pastels, after which she mixes acrylics with a brush, adding touches here and there with deliberate strokes. Then she spreads coloured inks (sienna, yellow ochre, sepia) that she sponges quickly. A sort of magic occurs when this new material and colour enriches the canvas. She lets the work sit for a time and then adds new details: with a knife blade she scratches out a flowered balcony or the shaggy hair on the ear of a cat.…. with a fine brush she paints a cat’s whiskers or a stretched out fireplace. At times she adds a "surrealist" element: a fish in a cage, a never ending ladder, a moon on a string a nose on a shack... She cuts and pastes pieces of transparent paper and illustrations from old books.
Raphaëlle is an artist who is committed to making her audience smile. She boasts a bucolic poetry in her works; a certain lightness both colourful and sincere.

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