Alain Menant

The French artist Alain Menant’s painting is principally fed by the sea. The boats, the sailboats, the seascape, everything that floats and goes on the water makes up his primary source of inspiration. Also working with more classic subjects, the artist produces series of still life paintings or portraits, all making sure to give priority to emotion over technique.

Tending towards a form of abstraction nowadays, Alain Menant’s painting is entirely devoted to the idea, to feelings, to sensations. “The paintings that come from my hands impose themselves on me most often,” confirms the painter. His compositions, mixing acrylics and oils, thus make the materials and the colours swirl with paintbrushes, brushes and knives. Also varying formats and supports such as canvas, wood, paper or fabric, the artist always works on several paintings at the same time, taking advantage of the exchanges between the emotions present, and allowing himself to be fed by a richer range of sensations and visions elicited.

With all of his strengths, Alain Menant attempts to dilute the forms and contours in order to give priority to abstraction and to produce “works which contain instinct as much as the reasoned search for the beautiful and the respect of the ancient who were there before language existed.”






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