A Catalan artist, Tomas was born in France during his parents’ exile as Spanish political refugees. He grew up in the heat of the Provence countryside before returning to Badalona, ​​the city of his roots where he lives and works today. For him art has always been a family affair. As a young man he grew up in an intensely artistic environment. His father (Joaquim Martínez Lerma) and his uncle (Alvar Suñol Muñoz-Ramos) are both painters. They introduced him to art in early childhood and encouraged him to persevere in this direction. His father became his first teacher and played an important role in his education.

After an initial training in ceramics at the Massana School in Barcelona, ​​Tomas studied illustration at the Pau Gargallo de Badalona School. Although he followed his graphics courses with interest, painting remained his preferred medium. On graduating, he decided to devote himself to his passion. For the last ten years, his career has developed internationally and his works appeal to collectors around the world (United Kingdom, Netherlands, Italy, USA, Japan...)

Tomas finds his adopted city an inexhaustible source of inspiration. The artist works with oil painting, creating relief with a spatula, focusing on the impact of shadow and light on the urban landscape. He uses his brush as a witness to capture the rare old streets that resist industrialization. His art is on the border between abstraction and figuration. His structured compositions combine cold and warm colours in a harmony of perfectly controlled tones. Refined to its simplest expression, the subject is transformed into abstract bands of colour. A few well-placed lines and some suggestive strokes guide the viewer's eye through the stylized maze of narrow streets.