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Michelle Hinz

Originally from Detroit, Michelle pursued studies in graphic art as well as a course dedicated to teaching technology at the University of Michigan. After graduating, she worked for several years for companies before starting work as a freelance designer and painter artist in 2006. Set up in Florida, she opened her personal gallery six years later in Tampa, which offered collections and services based on interior design and decoration, associated with the exhibition and sale of her pictorial creations.

Defining herself as an artist working on the dimensional texture of acrylic paints, Michelle bases all of her artistic approach on the pictorial possibilities of the medium. Using her palette of colours, enhanced by various traditional and technological tools, she experiments with all conscious and risky visual forms in her painting. Proceeding step by step, the American artist composes her work by following the graphic indications that are gradually created on the canvas; as such, each action produced determines the execution of the following one. It is only when the general composition seems harmonious and stable to her that Michelle stops working.

Drawing upon subjects at the heart of nature that has always heavily inspired her, the painter aims to propose art that breaks with the daily rhythm of contemporary society. In addition, the abstract contemplative landscapes claim to be aerial, soft and soothing. In order to do this, the artist would bring much care to the choice of her tonalities so as to communicate to the viewer a feeling of richness – induced by a set of chromatic shades enriched with many textural effects.