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Elena Requena

Even as a young girl, Elena was drawn to the work of her father, the painter Juan José Requena, and spent her childhood observing his artistic creations with a great sense of enthusiasm and yearning. With him at her side, she learned to develop her own imagination and experimented with her own early works, drawing her inspiration from the beautiful landscapes of her native region, a place into which they both loved to immerse themselves. Elena has vivid memories of these lessons drawn from the heart of nature itself. She has kept them alive in her work to continuously enrich her knowledge and expertise.

When she enrolled in an art school in Barcelona, La Llotja, the young artist divided her time between her education and her apprenticeship at the family workshop, dedicating her time to practice drawing techniques as well as sculpture. Even though her developmental phase took place in a highly creative and heterogeneous environment, her artistic individuality had already been asserted and anchored in herself, and revealed itself in all its glory in the exploration of landscapes, undoubtedly her favourite subject. Enamoured with its myriad of tones, shapes and textures, Elena continues to try and replicate the soft Mediterranean light, which bathes the Llobregat valley, on her canvas. With her palette of sparkling shades, and her use of paintbrushes, painting knives and brushes, Elena works on her oil landscapes with great finesse and passion to capture their essence and to reproduce their vibrations as well as their vastness.

These paintings are intended to be metaphors for human emotions and reflect the unconditional love of the artist towards nature’s plethora of riches, like horizons to be gazed upon endlessly.