Elisabeth Hoffmann

Although Elisabeth Hoffmann trained to be a beautician, she readily admits that she prefers to put her hands in paint rather than makeup. Elizabeth was born into a family of illustrators and artists and developed a passion for painting when she was a teenager. She started off using charcoal before she discovered water colours.

When she was 18, Elisabeth bought herself her first box of water colours and it was a revelation for the budding artist. Still today, this medium gives the artist a great sense of fulfillment. Speaking about this she states: “I love the transparencies that this tool affords and I have remained faithful to it. It makes it possible for me to perfectly transcribe the themes I approach (seascapes, fishing smack, indoor scenes, cityscapes, 50 paintings from the stone bridge of Bordeaux). Water colour is associated with the surprises created when you mix the pigments with water. It demands spontaneity and swiftness in the execution.” Elisabeth Hoffmann is originally from Gironde and she makes bright water colour paintings that bring together all at once softness and precision, a blurring effect and movement, but also tranquility and quiet. Elisabeth also loves water colour for its transparency and for the contrasts it affords. Ever since she attended a workshop in Sagirac, Elizabeth has been painting the region of Bordeaux and the beautiful vineyards that surround it.

Elisabeth is a successful artist and in 2011 she won first place in the national water colour contest in Boesner, thus confirming her painting talents.

By making large compositions the water colourist aims to bring into question the small formats that are often associated with water colour. Under Elisabeth’s brush, painting breaks free from its constraints and becomes a real “visual poem.”