Christmas' artists

For this Christmas season 2017, Carré d'artistes features 4 different artists, depending of the regions of the world where the galleries are present.

In Europe, the German artists Steffi Coupette is put in the spotlight. Urban, abstract, color... a very poetic universe awaits you.

In USA, Julien Rey is highlighted. Young French artist, Julien realized artworks for the windows of Christmas in France in 2016, and continues in 2017 in USA with his particular urban style, based on lacquer and gold leaf.

In Asia and in the Middle East, the Scandinavian Jonas Lundh will be the star of Christmas with his very luminous artworks, marine, figurative or even abstract...

Finally, in France, street art will be under the spotlight with Graffmatt, a young French artist from urban, who has created for the occasion canvases, palettes and even cleats.

For Christmas, give art and unique and original artworks!

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