Carlos Tirado

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A lover of painting and sculpture since a very young age, Carlos experimented with assembling materials and shapes from scrap picked up on the streets of the Venezuelan capital. His childhood games pushed his parents to enrolling him in private classes where he, under the tutelage of Professor Javier Hernandez, learned the basic techniques of plastic arts. In 1985, Carlos tried his hand at caricature and comics for the famous newspaper “El Diario de Caracas”.

Despite his passion and definite talent, Carlos was forced to study law at the Santa Maria University. This didn’t stop him from continuing his art on the side, especially through night classes at the Cristobal Rojas Art School. Carlos moved to Florida and began a career as an arts professor in the early 2000s. Alongside this, his new adopted home offered him several sources and perspectives of creation that were hitherto unexplored.

Deeply touched by the pictorial technique of the Venezuelan artist Armando Reverón (1889-1954), Carlos regularly looked to his works to seek inspiration for his creative process and to enrich his artistic vocabulary. Carlos’ abstract paintings are done in oil and acrylic paints mixed with different resins and pigments. He also sometimes combines them with precious materials such as gold, silver or bronze. Generally, the artist begins his composition with a range of dark shades on which he works tirelessly to obtain touches of light. This process leads to a dense and iridescent painting that gives the painting an almost mineral appearance.