Ninette Mathiessen

Following a good collaboration with Carré d'artistes, this artist is now exploring new perspectives.

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Ninette is an artist who lives on the German Baltic coast. She strives daily to create her paintings from the workshop of the gallery that she opened in 2011, in the seaside resort of Travemünde.

And yet, there was nothing at the start that indicated her destiny to become an artist. On leaving school, Ninette began studying to become a travel agent. Unsatisfied with this, she began her career on board a cruise ship. After six years of navigation and then five more in customer management in a large hotel in Germany, she decided to quit everything and dedicate herself completely to a passion that was becoming increasingly evident to her. The opening of her studio marked a turning point in her career, and now is exclusively reserved for her own art.

She is self-taught, and gained her experience through repeated trial and error. In fact, retrospectively, some errors actually became sources of a new way of designing. Motivated by work in the domain, Ninette discovered her true way of expression in the contact between acrylic paints and her utensil, using a palette knife, a spatula and sometimes even her fingers to paint and continuously experimenting to grow and enrich her creative vocabulary.

The artist’s love for the sea and marine subjects is not new. The sea and the port have a place close to her heart, and are also an essential part of her environment. Thus, for the past five years, Ninette has dedicated the lion’s share of her time to enriching her “Fish & Ships” series, and her stylised drawing of fish has now become her trademark.