Amine Karoun

Born in the cultural and cosmopolitan Algerian city of Tlemcen, Amine studied arts at the École des Beaux-Arts d’Oran, from where he graduated in 2017. He divides his time between his job as a graphic designer and his passion for painting. This young artist mainly works on reproducing contemporary and expressive urban landscapes.

Using oil paints applied with a palette knife or spatula to the canvas, Amine creates his art while always matching his selection of the colour gamut to the atmosphere that he wishes to render. With composition being at the heart of his process, he also strives to subtly transpose the visual depths that arise from not only architectural structures, but also from variations in the light bathing the observed landscape. Nocturnal and rainy ambiences figure prominently in his art, seeing as they offer a greater range of expressions to the artist, being both, intimate and visually pleasing. These mysterious images hearken to certain movie images, especially the melancholic urban atmosphere that is often seen in several American comics.

Amine is not particularly interested in meticulously following a particular style or movement while painting; instead, he prefers to draw what he needs from various styles to create art that contains a medley of different influences. Amine’s painting methods are greatly inspired from techniques originating from the two opposing styles of Classicism and Impressionism, and yet still draw from other styles as well. This has been the driving force behind his ventures into contemporary art.

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