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Christopher Lyter

Born in Pennsylvania, Christopher has a soft spot towards this region, which has always been his home. As a child, he dedicated most of his time to drawing and painting. He returned to this childhood passion of his as an adult, after a long career in logistics. It was during one of his many meetings with the local artists that Christopher decided to return to his childhood passion. Today, his pictorial work is at the heart of his professional concerns.

Christopher lives with his wife in the rural county of Perry, where he creates his abstract paintings with fluid and spontaneous style. Setting aside all preconceived ideas that would force him to produce a predictable final result, the painter prefers to focus his attention on the natural and immediate evolution of the pictorial matter, and to play with any serendipitous metamorphoses that he comes across. It generally takes Christopher up to the last stroke of his brush to recognise the path traversed between the starting concept and his final work. The main benefit of this approach is that it allows him to consider every new canvas as a pictorial challenge that is completely separate from the previous one.

Christopher begins his painting by applying a first coat of paint, most often black, across his entire medium. With his palette of oil colours, his brushes and his palette knives, he then sculpts the material by working on associations and juxtapositions of shades to create contrasts and depths. Finished in a single sitting or reworked several times, Christopher’s art produces dynamic and textured compositions that give primordial importance to variations in light.