Rudyard Heaton

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Half French and half English, Rudyard spent his childhood hopping between France and England, studying both the practice and theory of art on both sides of the Channel. In addition to this dual socio-cultural background, he spent a year in the capital of Japan, where between 1993 and 1994, the young artist learned the local techniques of traditional painting from the Tamagawa University. Since the 2000s, Rudyard has often placed his skills as a decorator at the service of the animated film industry.

Living in Paris since 1999, Rudyard is “interested in the way in which we represent things, and how this influences the manner in which we perceive the world”. In fact, when he sketches day-to-day scenes on the spot, the painter observes the details that make up his environment - architecture, people, plants, etc. - and this special attention given to what surrounds him plays a key role in how the artist integrates himself in this society. This postulate gave birth to an approach that is both original and unexpected, with its intent to grant the viewer a different look, an unusual viewpoint of the shades of daily life.

Rudyard uses acrylics, oil paints, watercolours and pencils to produce modern figurative art that emphasises the urbanisation of the metropolises. Alternating between precise strokes and unstructured movements, the artist paints a dynamic portrait of cities and their architecture, which hints more than it reveals, and lets the viewer’s imagination run wild.