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Self-taught and a lover of experimentation, Alain Genson, aka Guenzone, also practices ceramics, writing and the diversion of objects, but it is through abstract painting that he has found his best mode of expression. Although he didn’t attend a particular school, he has always painted and designed in line with Jackson Pollock: drawing spontaneous emotions on the canvas without the mind intervening. He also likes Zao Wou-Ki, Ousmane Sow for the innocence and peace that emanate from his sculptures and the surrealist movement Dada, “a fine example of resistance and creativity in a context of war”. As a painter of letting go, he defines his work as a work of research and exploration: “it would be closer to intuitive painting with the desire of not wanting to retranslate something, so that the viewer can find something in the painting which resonates with him without need of an intermediary. The search for the balance between brilliance and its channels of expression forms part of my research. The unwillingness, the non-intervention of the mind, coupled with the desire to reach a goal is particularly surprising and always offers new spaces and new possibilities.” For him, all humans are potential artists. It is the creative part of the human being which must be developed in all areas. His inspiration is expressed in small formats via aerosol paint bombs that he throws onto glossy, thin, stiff cardboard supports: “they allow me to create the movement better than on a canvas or a frame.”