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Empar Boix Bernardini

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A graduate of the Academy of Fine Arts of Valencia, Empar received a scholarship one summer to share her experience with other painters from the neighbouring Spanish provinces. This initial artistic exchange led her, in 1998, to move to Venezuela for an education at the Caracas University, and then a year later, she again moved to the Dutch capital. In Amsterdam, Empar joined a group of artists called Dotroom, with whom she set up several in-situ interventions and exhibitions.

This versatile plastic artist encountered several different styles and mediums over the course of two decades, during which she worked on painting and sculpture, and experimented in installation art and performances. However, in the past few years, painting has become the focal point of her creative work. Empar loves experiencing the concepts of escapism and coincidence in her pictorial process, painting with an intuitive and spontaneous style. With a mixed palette consisting of acrylic paints, watercolours and ink, the painter produces several spots of bright colours in various sizes, which she then combines. Collages and hybrid shapes complete the composition, giving birth to expressive and generous, fanciful characters that appear to have jumped straight out of a dream.

Empar’s artistic process focuses on introspection, which she tries to share with her fellow beings in a universal spirit of communion. Using her emotions and her past as sources of inspiration, this painter from Valencia strives to create fragments of parallel realities that she wishes to open to the world.