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Being extremely passionate about art, Rémi embarked on his artistic journey when he was eight in his grand-father’s (an amateur painter) studio and started presenting his works to the public starting from 1985. He worked in the sector of power distribution but carried on creating and exhibiting his works till 2001 when he decided to stop his primary activity and bank on his artistic career. Ever since, the self-taught painter devoted himself wholly to creating his artistic works.

Rémi’s craft kept continuously evolving, and was greatly influenced by the works of two painters that he greatly admired, William Turner (1775-1851) and Félix Ziem (1821-1911), as well as by his interactions with the French artist Lukass in 1996 and the Senegalese artist Vieux Niang in 2001, during the duet exhibitions at the Cave Dimière in Guebwiller, where he experienced art as a full-blown craft. After experimenting with different genres like romanticism, cubism and abstract art, Rémi based the core aspect of his approach on working with tones and light.

Settled in Banyuls-sur-Mer, in the Occitan region, the artist works out of his studio gallery opened in 2008 in the neighbouring commune of Port-Vendres. He explores the surrounding marine landscapes using oil paints, which further enhance the different mediums. Touching upon the figurative as well as the abstract, the painter endeavours to "evoke and not describe, have a continuous dialogue with his canvas and refuse the motive [to try] to inscribe [his] painting in the immanence of the world, and simply magnify its colours and lights".