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« Douceur d’aimer» or « L’Art du Bonheur» The titles themselves are enough to describe the artist STRATOS and his art. « Through his characters, we are transported in a gentle world, a world where cheerfulness and happiness meets with the universal themes that are love, family and the force of life.

STRATOS’s art is unique and his brushed stainless steel pieces are above all the essence of poetic gentleness. The power of this artist lies in the ways in which he exposes joyous emotions and moments of grace, feelings accessible to all cultures, all ages, to all women, men and children...

STRATOS is one to loudly declare the beauty of emotions, to waken the joy and wonder that can be found in love and tenderness, in a couple, in a family. All his creations aspire to the same desire, the same message : to emphasise the fundamental beauty that can be found in each and every one of us and to gently put forth this individuality so that it may overtake our « differences ».

Timeless, universal and inherently sensitive, STRATOS’s sculptures are unique and unusual artworks, and the materials he chooses to use (stainless steel, bronze, iron) surprising as we might find the hard coldness of metal incompatible with the warmth and softness of his themes. But STRATOS looks for the essence of the medium he uses, emphasises it with his technique and displays the emotions that come out of it, creating an aura that seems to magnify the work.

A talented craftsman, he shapes metal, transforms steel and iron into sculptures with the skill of one who expresses through his pieces what he is : a poet, an idealist. The bright metal plays with shadows and light, accentuates its curves and softness, adapts its robustness to our fragility. The key to this prowess ? To only keep what is essential. STRATOS refines, simplifies, unveils until only the essence of his piece is left, becoming the soul of his work.

STRATOS expresses himself through intimist and monumental artworks and has exhibited in some of France’s most beautiful sites (Avignon, Sarlat, Aigues-Mortes, Nice, Vallauris, Corte, Uzès, Ile de Ré...) as well as in some of its most iconic locations (Paris, Courchevel, Saint-Paul-de-Vence, Saint-Tropez, Honfleur, Megève...). Exhibitions that have also been praised all over the world (Lausanne, Stockholm, New York, Beyrouth, Monaco, Munich, Gand...).

Born in Avignon in 1953, Charles Stratos is already exposed to a creative environment at the age of 14, when in an architectural firm. The training that came with this discipline introduces and sensibilises him to lines, curves and volumes but more importantly to aestheticism.... birth of his artistic fibre ! His first « formes » appear to burst from his brush, displaying strong features and vivid colours. His art, unknown and yet innovative, stands him out and surprises during his first exhibition in Nice in 1993. He then decides to focus on stainless steel sculptures with this same singularity, which, as soon as 1995, is met with success by an already grateful and loyal public. His shapes, recognisable amongst many, are exposed all over the world, from Russia to Provence, Liban to the United States. And yet, this success will never deprive the man or the artist of his ideals and humility.

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