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Gabriela Galileo

Born into an Italian family in Argentina, Gabriela Galileo studied at the Fernando Fader School of Arts, and at the School of Architecture at the University of Buenos Aires before pursuing her studies in Barcelona in Spain: she is also a graduate of the Superior School of Conservation and Restoration of Cultural Assets in Catalonia.

Part time professor of plastic arts at the Guinardo civic centre in Barcelona, she continues her education through drawing classes with the discovery of charcoal and oil and watercolour painting studios. Her days are always busy among her classes, the restoration of ancient works for private individuals and museums (the National Museum of Catalan visual art in Barcelona, the Sabadell Art museum, the diocesan restoration workshop in Burgos) and her private work that she has methodically and obstinately pursued for 17 years in her workshop in Barcelona.

Awarded the first painting prize at Buenos Aires Botanical Garden Spring competition in 2005, her work alternates between natural landscapes, charcoal portraits, life drawing, floral bouquets, oils, gouaches and watercolours in vivid and expressive colours, which reflect the gentleness of life in Catalonia. Regularly selected for all major group exhibitions of the Sant Lluc Artists’ circle in Barcelona, she participated in the 2005 Josep Amat international drawing biennial, near Gerona. Since 2000, the city is one of her favorite themes, as shown by her two exhibitions at the University of Buenos Aires dedicated to architectural drawings (small sizes) and urban sketches…

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