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Ingeborg Herckenrath

From a very young age, Ingeborg showed great aptitude for artistic creation, which made her parents enrol their daughter in art classes. The classes introduced her to the forms and rules of composition, giving her a solid base for her creativity. After completing her schooling, Ingeborg chose to pursue formal education in graphic design and started her career by working in the field of advertising and graphic design. It was in the year 2008 that she declared herself independent and intensified her artistic practice. Somehow managing to find the time and the space for completing her personal works and studies, the Dutch artist devoted more and more energy to the development of her art.

Ingeborg goes about her work with a specific protocol that always starts with a sketch of the design on a blank paper. Once the outline is complete, the painter transfers it on to a board or a canvas. It is only after having completed this step that she begins the pictorial enhancement of her composition. Although particular about the execution of the preparatory design, Ingeborg loves to paint intuitively, experimenting with alternations, with spontaneity on the one hand and meticulousness on the other.

Over the years, the painter has shifted her focus to pay particular attention to her backgrounds. Contrary to classical painting, this realm of colours is not restricted by the limitations of the drawing, a trait that creates strong visual dynamism. This original process, which gives Ingeborg’s portraits their quintessential character of being vibrant yet intangible, has become the artist’s hallmark today.  

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  • Ingeborg Herckenrath
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