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Lopez Fuentevilla

Mexican painter and graphic designer, FUENTEVILLA has been passionate about art since his early childhood. It is natural that he began his training in drawing and painting in Mexico through workshops in studios, before continuing his training in Florence, Italy. Today, back in his native country, FUENTEVILLA invests body and soul into his practice, working daily and with dedication on the development of his artistic productions.

A talented drawer and member of the Mexican watercolour company, FUENTEVILLA uses watercolours as well as oil and acrylic. In addition, he likes to produce some of his works in the studio, while others he creates outdoors in the heart of the city or in nature, where he tries to take into account the large variety. Portraits, landscapes, animal scenes and daily life make up the large range of his works, always marked by realism and bestowed with bright colours. As he himself says, “his paintings do not stick to a particular trend or theme, he paints what excites him, his challenge being to find and extract the beauty of simple things.”

Constantly in search of new projects, FUENTEVILLA visits museums, studies the works of the painters whom he admires and continues to perfect his technique by taking courses with various artists. In the spring of 2017, he opened his studio-gallery in San Miguel de Allende, where he exhibits his own paintings alongside those of other artists in the region.

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  • Lopez Fuentevilla
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