The Breton Loic Tarin, aka Doudoudidon, passed the baccalaureate, then a degree in advertising graphic design. He started off creating images and illustrations, and more recently it clicked into place for him that he should start an artistic life. Influenced by his often technical and scientific readings and listening, he has long wondered about the layout of the universe, Darwinian theories, human sciences...

Considering that “he knows nothing”, he creates poetic, expressive and intuitive “paintings” (for him painting his first and foremost silent poetry). The idea of distortion of media is the basis of his artistic practice. He likes to use what is initially recyclable waste. He also likes to distort objects like playing cards with themes inspired by the Middle Ages. He distorts offset plates, a kind of rigid aluminium printing plate. He also recycles films of medical X-rays; interested in their petrol blue plastic transparency and the idea of a photograph of the mind.

The mediums he uses are the stages of the creation. First, the foundations (canvas, cardboard, radios, offset plates), a chaos made of random colours from a spray can and liquid tar. Then comes the search for singularities, anecdotes, stories that he works on with acrylic paint, markers and pencils. Finally, he uses special “Bistro” antique varnishes or varnishes that crackle with a very high Siccative content. Among his many influences, the Italian primitives, the audacity of Picasso, the colours of Van Gogh or Klimt, the spirituality of Chagall, the clairvoyance of Dubuffet. A list that is clearly never ending...

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