Sergi Mestres

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Sergi works to develop his own pictorial language, derived from pop art, graffiti and street art, deeply enriched by American artists Andy Warhol (1928- 1987) and Jean-Michel Basquiat (1960-1988), leads of the underground movement.

Thus, armed with sprays, markers, acrylics, oils and charcoals, Sergi draws his inspiration from the creative dynamic of urban centres, shown by the many artistic displays that adorn their buildings. Boldly contemporary, his works display generally feminine portraits, whose black outlines strongly contrast with the palette of bright colours used for the creation of the background. This contrast in colour gives the viewer a sense of joy at the positive energy that emerges from the composition, seeming to celebrate the beauty of human existence.

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Lille Lille
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83, rue Esquermoise
59800 Lille
Phone: 03 20 57 49 93

Monday:  10h - 13h / 14h - 19h

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