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Ansermet studied at the Beaux-Arts, department of painting, from which he graduated in 1983. Since his childhood, he had a vague feeling of artistic destiny and a predisposition for creation. He had something to live up to: his father Roland Ansermet was a painter/illustrator.

Originally from Switzerland, he has always lived in France. If he makes a sculpture instead of a painting, it’s because he thinks that in abstract or figurative art, everything has already explored through painting and it is nothing more than the expression of personal universes. “That’s why I turned to sculpture, to the palpable and tangible object. It was also because I was no longer in tune with the virtual life and the work on the screen, which most of the time imprisons us instead of freeing us, that I put the brakes on my career as an artistic press director”, stresses the artist.

The themes that inspire him are the establishment of links and bridges, which bring us ever closer to nature in order to better reconnect with it. “Plants bear witness to their past lives, pure chance and necessity. Notions of light, they become a modern symbol which connect us to a longer, calmer and deeper vegetal time, ideal for admiration.” His purpose is to take these dregs of nature and give them a voice. He does not seek to represent anything specific in particular, nor tend towards an abstraction. It is actually the plants themselves that guide his creative actions, leaving everyone to interpret them…

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