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Scott Troxel

Originally from Philadelphia, Scott moved to higher arts studies while learning filmmaking at Temple University. Diploma in hand, he specialised in product design to eventually become responsible for the marketing department in various US firms. In 2014, Scott decided to abandon his career in favour of the design of his now daily artistic projects in his studio in New Jersey.

Defining himself as an abstract artist, he combines several techniques and materials during the development of his works to create an assembly that is deeply original with patience and precision. The whole of Scott’s artistic approach is orientated towards the exploration of wood, which he appreciates especially for its organic and aesthetic qualities. By combining this natural element with processes from the chemical industry, the artist questions the duality of nature versus civilisation, by approaching themes related to the cycle of life and the notion of progress. Like the rays that grow progressively as a tree grows, Scott interprets his practice as an attempt at dialogue between different human generations, constantly seeking to provoke interaction in order to achieve mutual and reciprocal enrichment. A member of the League of Fine Arts of Ocean City, the artist, with his assemblies composed of many fragments and types of wood that form as many lines as they do textures, leads us into a resolutely contemporary world, marked by a perpetual search for balance and harmony.

Scott Troxel Process Photo 1.jpg