Dimitri Mager, known as RamsesRamses, has always been motivated by the desire to create and to express himself through art in all its forms. As a child, he began learning how to dance, a rigorous discipline requiring hard work, which he displayed all throughout his education until becoming a professional dancer, graduating from the National Conservatory of Music and Dance of Lyon in 2014. It was at the same time that he felt the need “to lay down his ideas on paper” in order to no longer use only his body as a means of expression.

Although enthusiastic about painting, drawing and especially photography, it was towards paper sculptures that the interest of the young artist would be inclined, in order to translate his vision of the world into sets of shapes and lights. From these geometric shapes that he describes as minimalist, RamsesRamses designed clever and abstract arrangements made from cuttings, collages and folding of paper that challenge our perception. The exploration of the visual possibilities offered by the medium of paper is at the heart of the artist’s approach, who strives to constantly rethink the flat surface of his material so that it produces depth and materiality.

‘Claiming interdisciplinarity as the creative basis for the separation of the practices,” the artist draws inspiration from both his mastery of contemporary dance and photography. Working with infinite precision, RamsesRamses lays down each successive layer with patience and delicacy – sometimes associated with the warmth of the gold or the minerality of the marbled paper – in order to make the whole set balanced and harmonious.