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Margarita González

Margarita González was born in the capital of the province of Asturias and studied artistic skills and techniques at the School of Arts and Crafts in Oviedo. During these five formative years, this young woman practiced the arts of drawing, painting and sculpture as well as decoration. After graduating in 1978, she continued with her personal work in her own studio, first in Madrid and then in Barcelona, where she now lives.

Using her boldly coloured acrylic palette, Margarita creates figurative works inspired by everyday life. Her subjects are marked by movement, and executed with spontaneity and emotion to reveal the beauty of ephemeral moments, of those ordinary activities to which we pay too little attention. Thus, while avidly sketching the life that is constantly unfolding before her eyes, the painter pays attention to the attitudes and clothes of her characters, symbols of our contemporary era. In addition, she likes to use the red colour which she is particularly fond of, both for its freshness and for the movement it generates. Her "urban paintings" are produced on canvas or cardboard, and reflect our society, these fragments of life that punctuate our existence, like the canvas of the German expressionist painter August Macke (1887-1914), The Hat Shop, created in 1913.

Margarita is passionate and also likes to share her expertise by leading drawing and painting classes for adults and children alike, and has done so for twenty-five years.