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Patricia Simsa has always been passionate about art and began to teach herself to work as a multidisciplinary artist at a very young age. She is first and foremost interested in sculpture. The artist puts love and energy into her work as she patiently develops her resolutely colourful and unique universe, composed of scenes of everyday life that, for the most part, feature fulfilled women with generous curves.

A few years later Simsa began to distil her subjects into paintings and, as time went on, painting became her preferred medium. This painter uses the mixed technique - which combines acrylic and collages – to create multiple portraits that invite the audience to enter into a poetic world, freely and joyfully inspired by the multiple fantasies contained in our contemporary society. As she herself says very well:

"Her sculptures are in the same vein as her paintings of single women posing in a chair or armchair. They let themselves be looked at with complacency but they seem to look at us with equal interest. They are falsely naive or seemingly indifferent with the eyes and lips of young ingenuous people, both surprised, enticing and surprised to meet us...".

Simsa's art is driven by joie de vivre, where pleasure rhymes with humour and frivolity, all three of which are qualities essential to the well-being of each individual. The painter depicts a highly positive humanity through her beneficial, intimate and delicate works, which are skilfully executed.

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