César Ayllón is a painter living and working in the capital of Peru. He is also known in the world of graphic arts as "Canabis".

After graduating from the faculty of visual arts at the Pontifical Catholic University of Peru in 1984 – plus five years of training in drawing the human figure in the studio of the Peruvian sculptor Cristina Gálvez – the young artist began his career as an illustrator for various national media and publishers. As early as during his studies, he signed many sketches and caricatures for the satirical magazine "Monos y Monadas" under this alias.

In addition to his work as an artist, who generally presents sarcastic and humorous creations, César Ayllón has been working for several years now on the development of a unique pictorial production, this time marked by poetry and mystery. Thus, with his oils, acrylics, watercolours or charcoals, this talented figurative painter likes to explore the multiple facets of the human race in an attempt to reveal its symbolic part, thus transporting the spectator into a dreamlike world. Pursuing a purely aesthetic goal, César Ayllón endeavours to translate onto his canvas the inner feelings of his characters, mainly female, convinced that beauty lies in the purity of the emotions felt in the face of the images created. Through his delicate individual introspections, which echo the intimate questions of each human being, the painter sketches a sensitive and silent narrative of our common history, which undoubtedly calls for self-reflection and contemplation.

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