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Christine Blom

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In 2006, Christine started an apprenticeship to acquire the skills needed for sculpture and spent two years learning about figurative three-dimensional creation alongside contemporary sculptor Annabelle Hyvrier.

When Christine left Belgium for Lisbon, she experimented with a traditional technique firmly rooted in Portuguese culture: ceramics. Thus, this artist's fingers transform sandstone or clay into delicate stylized silhouettes and characters, vectors of stories and emotions, right at the point where techniques and cultures meet.

This dynamic and passionate artist and entrepreneur is now based in Hong Kong and works from the community and multidisciplinary creative space "Art Bubble", which she inaugurated in April 2018 in the city of Wong Chuk Hang. There, she devotes herself as much to the creation of her works as to the organisation of group classes and exhibitions.

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Paris Ile Saint-Louis (4ème) Paris Ile Saint-Louis (4ème)
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70, rue Saint Louis en l´île
75004 Paris
Phone: 01 46 34 61 60

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