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Liliane Danino

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At the age of six, she discovered a box of paints in her family home, and thus started to teach herself to paint. From then on, she would never stop painting, in the same way as she would never stop drawing.

Liliane has been living in Tel Aviv in Israel since 1996 and divides her time between her workshops in Malaga, Spain and Darbouasa, Morocco. In addition, she is enthusiastic about the works of the French sculptor Auguste Rodin and has made numerous trips to Italy, mainly to Carrara, where she trained in marble cutting and learnt the specific skills related to metal casting.

This artist is just as comfortable working with clay, wax, marble and bronze, and likes to sculpt human bodies, crystallized in their movement, like snapshots of life that she immortalizes with her fingers.

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  • Liliane Danino
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