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Almost lifelike, the painting is fanatic, troubled by the artist’s gestures. Paste, oils or acrylics, continually unveiling its secrets, vary its effects and textures, take on allures of whirlwinds or still waters. The infinite variety of touches, thickness or fluidity of the pigment, the gesture, thus give the composition a relief, a depth, a shape.

Expressionist, the painting bases a technical and chromatic foundation in the choice of its colours, tones, shades and light. The viewer may be tempted to see a certain form of nostalgia in her work, to recognise someone or to rediscover a place, a situation, a context. But Olga Novokhatska’s works are above all filled with a sense of timelessness. Exploring the relationships between sensuality and materiality, the artist develops a practice halfway between figuration and abstraction, between the infinite and spatial limits.

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Expo Paris Saint-Germain (6ème) Expo Paris Saint-Germain (6ème)
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