Liisa Corbière

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Liisa grew up in Finland and was attracted to art from a very young age. While she was still unaware of which technique she would choose, she did know that she wanted to study art. In addition to her fine arts studies she also learned the trade of weaver.

She arrived in France at the age of 25 and discovered Corsica, Provence and the region’s backcountry. To make a living, Liisa did various odd jobs, however she never forgot the artistic training of her youth. She became interested in the Provençal painting of Ambrogiani and she was fascinated by the way the painter applied very lively colours in thick layers. Such boldness is unknown in Finland. And so she developed a taste for warm colours applied with a knife. 

Liisa then met her artist husband who recognised her talent and encouraged her to return to her first love: painting. He showed her different styles to work in and after a period of investigation, Liisa began to concentrate all her efforts on her personal expression. One single topic inspires her: the natural environment of Provence and the sea. She expresses on canvas the essence of Provence, where she has lived for thirty years. .
Liisa takes walks in the countryside, where she makes sketches, watercolours and takes photos. These various mediums are a starting point for the paintings that she will work on in her studio. Her choice of painting in the studio, other than for practical reasons, allows her to simplify and stylise the composition, and to move away from a too descriptive way of painting. The artist prefers a freedom of interpretation and to give free rein to her impressions.
Oil colours are applied in a generous paste. Her use of the knife rather than brushes allows her to simplify forms and to give strength to the canvas.
Today, Liisa has a workshop on a street in Marseilles. This open creation space is also a place that people can visit, enticing the public and art collectors alike.

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Istanbul Istanbul
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