Patrick Cornée

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"I fill my canvases with love and some mysteries ... They have the power to produce happiness and joy for anyone who wants to contemplate them."

Patrick discovered his love for painting and drawing at the age of 5 and the spontaneous creation of an imaginary character revealed his artistic side and his taste for art.
Much later, the creative force of this phase of his childhood would reappear with all its intensity and uniqueness. The progression of his expression would become images, the harmony of forms would flourish naturally.

Today, his painting is still influenced by this ‘magic’ time of his childhood. Patrick works with graphic design, volume and colour, and what he calls a "poetic lyrical transfiguration” is born from this symphony.

His works are inspired by life, and symbolize femininity, nostalgia and love. He approaches the canvas without preconceptions and open to all forms of expression; it is open to his whims. Both form and emotion are perfectly coupled to bring out a painting full of spontaneity and authenticity.
Elegant, elongated figures are sometimes discrete, sometimes contrasting; they do not invade the scene, they blend with it.
These silhouettes, enhanced with gilding, produce effects of brightness and dissimilarity from the materials used. The textures and his colour choices are simple and harmonious, creating a well-balanced work.

The predominance of the atmosphere is easily felt by the viewer who is quickly arrested by the candor that emerges from the work.
His universe is limitless and overflowing with creativity. He fills his paintings full of love and mystery, and thus they have the power to bring happiness and joy to all observers.


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