Carole Jeulin

Following a good collaboration with Carré d'artistes, this artist is now exploring new perspectives.

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Carole Jeulin was born in Paris in 1970. When asked how she became an artist, she will say that the mystery remains unsolved. However, Carole says her artistic destiny was evident, a late revelation that she could not escape. Her " essential " as she calls it has long been lurking underneath. Carole and her aspirations had played hide and seek for years, crossing paths, separating and finding each other again, until once "surrounded," Carole indulged herself in her daily artwork. The experience was violent, soothing, frustrating, consuming, sometimes serious, sometimes fanciful. She began by assembling various salvaged materials found at hand, before responding to her irresistible urge for colour. So she glues her findings on canvas or wood, and then, as a true " creative omnivore " Carole highlights them in all conceivable ways. Each work has its own language: acrylics for colour, pastels for softness, ink for outlines...Paper of all kinds, charcoal, oil paints or walnut stains, everything is media for creating and every element of her compositions tends towards a common harmony. At the beginning prolific and generous with her colour palette, today her works are more minimalist. An eclectic character, the artist considers herself close to a singular artist and appreciates the work of many great painters. Van Gogh Klimt via Modigliani (Dutch, Austrian and Italian painters of the nineteenth and twentieth century), each artist moves her by his originality. However, her main sources of inspiration is life and the emotions that it holds. Passion, children and the passing of time are what most affects Carole. She paints instinctively the story that the canvas wants to tell her and usually looks at the world through the prism of femininity. The faces of her women reflect the most beautiful elements of the human soul and their eyes reflect the passage of time. Carole Jeulin always reaches her "essential", where the living medium comes to whisper in our ears.