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Bruno Klein

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Important encounters marked his career: Henry Gault (painter) taught him the discipline of drawing and Miro Sego (Master of Fine Arts in Belgrade) taught him about Impressionism and different strokes. At the School of Decorative Arts in Strasbourg, Elisabeth Frering (painter) introduced him to the free expression of form and color. All of these lessons gave rise to a pictorial tendency, bordering on abstract and figurative: a modern impressionism.

Bruno paints directly on the canvas without preliminary drawings, photographs or other media. Memory, imagination and the soul are the engines of his creativity. This way of working imbues his paintings with authenticity sensitivity and strength.
Men, nature, sky and water, everything acts as a source of fascination. The coasts of France, Balkan conflicts and African men are all elements that provide their color and daily life to be transposed on canvas.
Bruno paints for pleasure and to convey to the viewer the joy experienced in art. A witness of human tragedies in his life, the artist chooses to share optimism and light with his audience.

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