Dominique Capocci

Following a good collaboration with Carré d'artistes, this artist is now exploring new perspectives.

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Having worked for more than twenty years in the communications and advertising fields as an artistic director for numerous private companies, Dominique decided in 2009 to dedicate himself entirely and exclusively to the practice of his art.
He therefore traded all the IT tools that had previously supported his creation for a paintbrush to produce, shape and perfect his own pictorial creations. Working on very diverse supports, the artist makes the most of the range of techniques learnt during his artistic studies, creating works from drawings that he smoothes and calligraphically produces, in order to coat them with oil paint afterwards.
Both graphic and figurative, kindly impertinent and immediately perceptible as they carry remarkable visual “identities”, his paintings find their formal existence in the use of an almost universal language, taken from both the mainstream and the contemporary. Defined by the artist himself as associated with the “Rock’Art” style – deliberately rock and liberally inspired by Pop Art – Dominique’s works present us with an original and unique world where celebrities, emblematic stars from history alongside famous animated characters – from Walt Disney to Matt Groening (The Simpsons) via the Warner Bros cartoons.
Playing out codes to let his artistic expression run wild, this peerless portrait painter pushes back the frontiers of contemporary history, transcends the media and celebrity news to depict an image society, whose graphic components would come and deliver their own speech to the spectator with a certain amount of humour and indifference.