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Violaine Abbatucci

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With a musician for a father, a mother who works as a potter and ceramist and a watercolourist grandfather, Violaine was, even in her infancy, plunged into an environment where the arts were very much present.
After having held different positions, such as a sales representative in the pharmaceutical industry and a managerial role for audio-visual production companies, she decided in 2011 to completely commit herself to her passion for drawing. A self-taught artist, her technique developed from the drawings in the margins of her school books, which have today been replaced by numerous sketchbooks that she takes with her wherever she goes and that are, for her, “artistic testimonies from her escapades, from real, personal points of reference in life”.
She has chosen to focus on figurative subjects, which she interprets using watercolours. “Attracted by the heat of ochre, the dance of shadows on buildings and the bustle of roads and market places”, Violaine has been based in the city of Nice since 1987. Colour, which has, until now, been absent from her drawings, allows the brightness and picturesqueness of watercolour to be revealed in all its intensity.
Violaine describes her practice of this art, to which she is especially devoted, as an incomplete mastery of a medium, which, like the water it is associated with, seems to take hold of the painting process and let life flow into her variety of surprises and coincidental happenings. Offering the painter a palette of rich and luminous nuances in colour, this form of portrait painting allows her to grasp, quite spontaneously, a situation or an atmosphere. Her works are loaded with her history, her life, her meetings, the environment that surrounds her; they are testimonies created through furtive emotion, rewriting a story of one instance in time, which can be interpreted by anyone, in any way.

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Paris Montmartre (18ème) Paris Montmartre (18ème)
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16, rue Yvonne Le Tac
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Toulouse Toulouse
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