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  • Artwork's size:
  • Technic:Iron
  • Style:Sculpture
  • Also in galleries:Paris Saint-Germain
  • Sculpture's scale:Large
Visible at the Paris Saint Germain gallery


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Description of the artwork
The unique and original sculpture Main is a creation from the artist Julie Joly.
Julie Joly

Birth in la Réunion, a transition to Sciences-Po in Aix-en-Provence and a promising career in Paris in communication (in the luxury sector), the fate of Julie Jolie seemed to be written far away from any artistic path. But with a painter for a father and a children’s author for a mother, the need to be creative was quickly felt. ‘I had the desire to work with my hands and could no longer bear the confinement in an office. I wanted to explore my creativity, even by dropping everything! Today I am very happy that I did it!’ explains the artist, w…


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