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Village en jaune et rose View larger

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Véronique Fièvre
Village en jaune et rose
  • Artwork's size:31x31" / 80x80 cm
  • Technic:Acrylic
  • Style:Urban
  • Color:Yellow
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Unique and one-of-a-kind piece of art

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Description of the artwork
L'oeuvre unique et originale Village en jaune et rose a été réalisée par l'artiste Véronique Fièvre, qui peint des abstraits a l'acrylique, représentant des paysages vus de loin, stylisés.
Véronique Fièvre

After a childhood already punctuated by periods of drawing, Veronica began painting in the 80s. In the various workshops she attended, she tried all the classic techniques from pastel to charcoal, including oil and watercolour. Through contact with teachers and other artists, Veronica moved to define a personal style, which resonated with her free and impulsive personality. The strength of her painting is based on simplicity and reserve. Like a tightrope walker on a highwire, she rejects the superfluous to better touch the truth of things. Véro…


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