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  • Artwork's size:23 x 17 x 35 cm
  • Technic:Resin
  • Style:Sculpture
  • Color:Red
  • Also in galleries:Expo Lyon
  • Sculpture's scale:Medium

Sculpture visible at the Carré d'artistes Expo Lyon gallery


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Fabien Novarino

Since 2010, Fabien has integrated photography into his works, evolving his pictorial work towards a more contemporary language. From personal or professional clichés acquired in offices, Fabien designs original graphic works that come from the Neo Pop style – a worthy successor to the Pop Art movement born in the 1950s. Produced from a subtle mixture of collages, drawings and stencils, his canvases are inspired by icons of American and French cinema, modern urbanism and the world of comics. Firmly contemporary, his art is a true homage to the s…


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