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4 good reasons to head for the Turner exhibition at the Jacquemart-André museum

7 octobre 2020

Opened on the eve of the lockdown, then re-opened 26th May onward, the exhibition of J.M.W. Turner’s paintings and watercolors (1775-1851) is extended right until 11th January 2021. An unmissable encounter on the Parisian artistic agenda, in a lavish setting at the Jacquemart-André museum. A proof of this through four good reasons, to go check it out at once.


Because Turner is the painter of light – and one definitely needs this

Right from the first steps in the exhibition, the paintings and watercolors are mind-blowing. After months of gloominess, a compelling summer, and limited possibilities to move around the world, J. M. W. Turner’s work seems like a life-saving getaway…Crazy about colors, the English painter has portrayed all sorts of landscapes, closely studying light and its delicate, shimmering, and blinding effects. Right from the initial works to large formats highlighting maturity and consistency: the artist hasn’t stopped taking an interest in watercolors, mainly for the colorful research. During those days in England, it came across promising success with artists and Turner didn’t miss out on it--but he enhanced this water-based painting practice and refined his color palette in a major way…By highlighting the luminosity of his paintings!


Because the exhibition is the result of an exceptional loan

Those who know the Louvre museum well, are aware: France possesses some very beautiful paintings created by J. M. W. Turner. Though United Kingdom definitely preserves the greatest collection of his works! This is the reason why this exhibition, whose paintings come from Tate in London, is exceptional: it portrays sixty watercolors and ten rare oil paintings. Some are even unprecedented in France! Therefore, this is a promising opportunity to add on to our knowledge about Turner through works, which shall be back January 2021 onward, in their homeland.


Because various works are presented

The exhibition begins with initial works, wise landscapes where the sky’s blue hue communicates with lush greenery. Following which, one discovers his research for “the ideal landscape” through the sights of England. Then one gets away, as J. M. W. Turner asserts himself and travels, to Venice, Switzerland, and the banks of French rivers…The artist created several colorful researches which talks about his artistic appraoch, how his look took shape. Last but not least, the exhibition ends in triumph through great fascinating formats, that one browses for a last luminous trip. What a journey!


Because Turner portrays contemporary work of Rémi Schweizer


Two centuries later after J. M. W. Turner, the painter Rémi Schweizer represented by Carré d’artistes, positions along the lines of the English artist, as he admires Turner’s work. Just like Turner but in his own way, Rémi Schweizer devotes all his paintings through an attentive look, leaning on light, on the changing sky, on clouds, on shadows and the changing effects of the sea…And creates soothing and warm landscape works, with a glowing look. Must be discovered!